Sabine Schmidt - WeContent Content Marketing Conference


Sabine’s background lies in PR and Online Advertisement. Since she joined HubSpot 2.5 years ago, she has helped numerous businesses of all sizes and industries to grow using the Inbound Methodology. As an Inbound Consultant she is passionate to deliver premium consultation in all things strategy-related. If not at work, Sabine is usually travelling to new countries exploring nature and different cultures.

Speech @ContentDays: 

Sabine will be speaking at ContentDays about “Advertising in Times of Covid 19

All businesses are affected by the current crisis – in one way or another. Some of them freeze their Marketing spent altogether, which can be a big mistake. Like many, you might be asking yourself: “Should I stop spending my money on ads right now? Do they even still work? And if I decide to still advertise, what shall I promote and how?”.  Sabine will shed light into these questions and give you actionable advice on when to advertise online right now, what to promote and how to do it with success.

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