Jon Wuebben - WeContent Content Marketing Conference

Jon Wuebben

Jon is the author of the “Future Marketing: Winning in the Prosumer Age” and “Content is Currency: Developing Powerful Content for Web & Mobile”, published in six countries.

Jon Wuebben is the Founder & CEO of Content Launch, the first complete content marketing platform built for digital marketing agencies & SMB’s. Content Launch has produced content for over 700 companies since 2003.

Speech @ContentDays:

Content & COVID: How do we adapt our content marketing strategy to address the current crisis and prepare for the coming re-bound?

These are unprecedented times- so, how should you adapt your marketing strategies through what may be the roughest period of our business (and personal) lives?

How can you find the hidden opportunities and prepare for the coming economic re-bound? 

Jon will talk about how to create and promote non-Covid 19 content that will engage your audience and generate results. 

And then how you can prepare effectively for the economic return!

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