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Content Marketing
in Romania 2019

Content marketing is today a preferred strategy of many businesses, regardless of the field, due to the growing need for relevant content to facilitate interaction with customers. Romanian companies are also investing more and more in content creation and we wanted to find out what are the trends on the local market.

In collaboration with the inbound marketing agency Beans United, we conducted a study on content marketing in Romania, which was attended by over 200 companies. The study is among the only ones of its kind conducted in our country and is useful to all those who want to better understand the local market. We have centralized the results in an e-book from which you can find out:

  • Content marketing tactics used by Romanian companies
  • The main objectives of content marketing
  • Preferred content generation strategies
  • Content or social media platforms used
  • Resources allocated to content marketing
  • Obtained results
  • Methodologies for measuring the effectiveness of published content
  • Challenges and opportunities for content marketing specialists

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